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The Federal Reserve’s Shell Game

(From FEE) The Federal Reserve is a key component of the US government’s wealth redistribution apparatus. Under the guise of “macroeconomic management,” it redistributes vast amounts of wealth on an ongoing basis through inflation. The victims of these transfers are...

Home prices surge, accelerate across the country

All across the country house prices are rising. And the price increases appear to be broad in nature. Caution is the word for homeowners and prospective homeowners. (From CNBC) Home prices nationally were 6.7 percent higher than their peak in...

Everyone Has Forgotten the Downside to Debt

“The only people who care are the libertarians, who seem horribly out of touch.”* Debt? You mean there are consequences associated with this stuff? (From Bloomberg View) It looks like trillion-dollar deficits are going to be a staple of the U.S....

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