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Who Do the Fed Policies Really Help?

Despite what anyone at the Fed claims publicly, propping the stock market up with artificial liquidity and coming to the rescue in every perceived economic crisis mainly helps the richest of the rich and only widens the inequality of wealth.

Current Fed Policies Puzzling to Ex-Fed Chairman Volker

If Fed policies have you scratching your head at times, you’re not alone. In his recent memoir, Paul Volker questions the use of an arbitrary inflation rate target, monetary policy as stimulus, and other current Fed policies.

New Fed Member Won’t Rock the Boat

Newly confirmed Fed Board member Michelle “Miki” Bowman won’t stand in the way of financing the out-of-control federal spending and will also be friendly to banks.

Is Treasury Market Wobbling?

Everything the Fed did in 2008-9 and since was really about protecting the US treasury market. Now they might have to increase interest rates whether they want to or not to attract foreign buyers.

How the Fed Keeps Us from Winning the Race Against Inflation

What do you get when you have a dual mandate to foster maximum employment and price stability and interpret that as a need to continuously expand the money supply regardless of any long term economic benefits and a belief that...

China’s Debt Bomb Ready to Explode

After years of wasteful and failed infrastructure projects meant to fuel both economic growth, and crony capitalism, and funded significantly by bad debt, the economic slowdown in China has exposed a potential debt crisis that is close to exploding.