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Inside the Secret World of Global Food Spies

And blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin is helping to ensure the integrity of the global food network. As we’ve said in previous posts, blockchain(s) is only going to become more a part of everyday life. One...

340B Crony Capitalism Makes Cancer Treatment More Expensive

This is the sort of crony capitalism that goes on every day but resides in the deep shadows of hospital bureaucracy and government reimbursements. It is balance sheet crony capitalism, cloaked in paperwork and nonsensical numbers only decipherable to those...

The Fraud of Fiat Currency Explained in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

For some of our readers this may be entirely new information. If it is I encourage you to explore fiat currencies, the financialization of the economy, gold, the Federal Reserve, and the concept of honest money. You’re in for a...

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