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Thomas Sowell boils American politics down (PIC)

Government is not your friend. It is the largest “corporation” of them all except it has the official monopoly on the use of force. It has its own interests. A healthy skepticism of government is one of the defining characteristics...

Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

Yet most us grow up with our teachers telling us that we are a “democracy.” We are not. We are a republic. And that is very different from a democracy.

Bitcoin vs. Regulators: Who Will Win? (VIDEO)

The above headline comes from The Wall Street Journal. What it should really say is “Bitcoin vs. Banks and Their Regulator Partners in Government.” Because both governments and the big banks (a key crony nexus) fear a decentralized competing...

Rand Paul holds up Trump nominee over NSA spying

Good. Pleased to see this. FISA is an area that needs much more sunlight. Much more. Lord knows we don’t need another Boeing guy running the surveillance state. (From Rare) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is reportedly holding up the nomination...