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Cronies Do Quarrel

Especially when a Democratic president bailed out the company by giving it to the union and stiffing the mostly mom and pop bondholders and warrant holders.

Tesla to Buy Closed GM Plants?

Tesla has expressed an interest in buying the factories that GM has announced will be closing. But don’t expect them to do that without significant government incentives and subsidies.

GM proposes electric car mandate

This is a key issue that is lost on a significant number of Americans. Business and government aren’t opposing forces. It’s not business versus regulators. More often than not it is businesses working WITH regulators. It is to the...

Government Motors stock price now below IPO

Suckers! Who knows though. Time to buy is when no one else wants something. Still, it is gratifying to see GM, that beast of crony capitalism, struggling with its stock price. Given the option investors are choosing to put their...