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Government Sachs Alum To Take Over the World’s Second Most Powerful Position?, Will Neel Kaskari soon be the head of the Federal Reserve?

Image: CorbettReport The debate internally at the White House in the musty recesses where such things are discussed is whether Yellen stays on or if a new Fed Chair will be appointed. The Trump White House wants someone who isn’t...

Here are the 52 public companies that make the most money from the federal government

Image: CNBC This headline comes from CNBC and is misleading. These companies don’t “make the most money from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,” Taxpayers are making these companies rich, not the government. It’s not the government’s money. It’s yours. Too many people...

Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs Finally Leaked, Trump hit with self inflicted right cross

One particularly remarkable thing about these speeches is that it took Wikileaks to get them out to the public. Clinton gave dozens of speeches after her failed 2008 run and yet no recording or partial recording of these speeches emerged...

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