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Florida’s Baffling Response to Student Loan Defaults

Florida has recently been suspending healthcare licenses of people whose student loans are in default. The whole student loan system is broken and there’s plenty of blame to go around for that, but does this policy really help anyone?

Pacific Electric and Gas Hoping for a Bailout?

Pacific Gas and Electric faces up to $30 billion in potential liability costs as a result of California wildfires. Is their announcement that they’re preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy real or a thinly veiled plea for a bailout?

Trade War Hurts All Types and Sizes of Businesses

The economic damage that tariffs and trade wars have on large corporations is what receives the most media coverage, but they also have a devastating impact on sales, hiring, equipment purchases and suppliers for small, local businesses as well.

Campaign Spending Proves the Swamp Is Still the Swamp

Members of Congress have shelled out huge amounts of money from campaign donations to relatives for “work” done on their campaigns, all of which is legal thanks to the fact that Congress created the rules for spending.

Over 40 Percent of Americans Say No to Flu Vaccinations

This interesting article avoids the real reason: concerns about the long term consequences of what else is in the vaccine other than the vaccine and worries that government is hiding information to protect Big Pharma.