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Tag: Keynesianism
The Government Crackdown on Bitcoin

“Governments enjoy a monopoly on money creation and they’re not about to surrender that monopoly to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.” High risk. High reward. It’s an experiment. A fascinating experiment. Some might get hammered in this experiment. Don’t be that guy....

“Participatory Fascism” is the future?

By Robert Higgs “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” = Chinese fascism “American capitalism” = American fascism “Post-Communism in Russia” = Russian fascism “Scandinavian Third Way” = Scandinavian fascism “Italian fascism” = Italian fascism “German fascism” = German fascism “European corporatism” =...

What is Crony Capitalism and what is bad about it?

People around the world are coming to understand what crony capitalism is. This comes to us from Australia. The author still has a bit too much faith in government but generally he gets it. Read more…

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