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Is Marxism founded on hate? (PIC)

“Gospel” of Marx is correct. Marxism, in addition to fostering hate also encourages utopian thinking which is an important component. That heaven can be had on Earth. It gives some people a reason, an explanation. Of course it is a siren song...

Our New Secessionists

If you have to go, we understand. Have fun in the developing world. I say, hey, if Cali and some of the cities want to go and become their own city states, let them. What does the rest of...

Leftists Now Rushing to Defend CIA Torture Advocates

Rob Reiner, a different kind of meathead these days. But still a meathead. In a recent post we wondered what had happened to the “question authority” part of the American Left. It seems as if the the lockstep “progressives”...

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