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Skidelsky’s Latest Keynesian Fantasies

This piece was originally posted at The Circle Bastiat. In his current Bloomberg piece (link below). Keynes’s biographer Robert Skidelsky tells us that the famous economist’s “notion of satiety” has been buried by the “Darwinian capitalism” unleashed by Thatcher and Reagan in...

China: The Ultimate Crony Capitalist State

It is now official, China is in the midst of a “sharp downturn in the economy.” This according to a Chinese cabinet official in Beijing quoted in this article from the New York Times.  Also in the article the author...

Is This the End of Market Democracy?

This is classic New York Times stuff right here. In the attached op-ed Thomas Edsall addresses what he sees as the challenges structurally to “market democracy.” The first sentence of his essay shows how completely out of touch some “opinion makers”...

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