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The relative value of $100 in each state (MAP)

This feels about right to me. I was in Alabama a couple of months ago and it is pretty amazing how much less expensive many things were. A good solid high quality and interesting meal was 2/3 the price I’d...

Mapping Every Single Job in the U.S.

This is pretty interesting. What do people actually do for a living? Where are these jobs? Why aren’t we all telecommuting at this point? (Seriously, if you work in a standard white collar office this is a legit question.) This...

The salary you need to buy a home in 27 U.S. cities

In Cincinnati, it’s not so bad. Tampa? There’s relatively cheap housing plus palm trees, grouper sandwiches, and margaritas. It’s a bit tougher in San Francisco however where zoning regulations and “Google millionaires” have forced rents and home prices to skyrocket.