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Closing a Big Pharma Loophole in Medicaid

Congress claims the drug companies purposely misclassify drugs as generic instead of brand name to avoid paying higher rebates to Medicaid, and that it’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Profiting from the Opioid Crisis

After raising their opioid overdose reversal drug 600%, drugmaker Kaleo released a statement claiming that profits haven’t driven their actions.

Is Government Pushing Doctors Out of Private Practice?

Yes, it is, steadily and relentlessly. This is all part of the government reshaping medicine  into a series of big local hospital monopolies tied to local medical insurance monopolies.  Government is supposed to protect us from monopolies but actually creates...

White House Takes First Step To Attach Work Requirements To Medicaid

(From Zerohedge) And while lawmakers say they’re close to a tentative immigration compromise to preserve DACA protections by packaging them with a border-security package that will presumably include some funding for the president’s promised border wall, the White House is...

Health Care is a Mess… But Why? (VIDEO)

Simple supply and demand. Or not so simple for some. Throw in a heavy dose of medical crony capitalism too. All you folks out there who think you’re helping the “common person” by advocating for yet more government involvement in...

340B Crony Capitalism Makes Cancer Treatment More Expensive

This is the sort of crony capitalism that goes on every day but resides in the deep shadows of hospital bureaucracy and government reimbursements. It is balance sheet crony capitalism, cloaked in paperwork and nonsensical numbers only decipherable to those...