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Profiting from the Opioid Crisis

After raising their opioid overdose reversal drug 600%, drugmaker Kaleo released a statement claiming that profits haven’t driven their actions.

Do We Have a Free-Market Medical System?

Edward K. Glassman, my long ago Harvard classmate, author of Dow 36,000 (predicting Dow at that level by 2005), and current director of the George W. Bush Institute, extolls our free market medical system at FoxNews this week. The first reader to comment...

Health Care is a Mess… But Why? (VIDEO)

Simple supply and demand. Or not so simple for some. Throw in a heavy dose of medical crony capitalism too. All you folks out there who think you’re helping the “common person” by advocating for yet more government involvement in...

Hospital Lobby Continues Effort to Gut Anti-Fraud Provisions

Medicare fraud is widespread. One of the chief beneficiaries of this fraud is the hospital industry. That is why the hospital lobbyists are working to kill the Medicare fraud identification effort, the Recovery Audit Contractor Program. It’s worth $50 billion...