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$48 Million Can Buy A Lot of Influence in Washington

In 2017 the UAE and Saudi Arabia combined spent $48 million on lobbying firms in Washington. Has that bought them too much influence on U.S. foreign aid, trade deals and political and military policy?

U.S. Soldiers Engaged in New Battle – with Their Landlord

U.S. soldiers are finding out that fighting over mold, leaks and toxic substances in military base housing with a landlord that has a long-term guaranteed government contract, who spends millions on lobbying and has political friends, is a losing battle.

Trump, Kim handshake, talk of peace sinks U.S. defense stocks

Peace is great for business. War is terrible for business. This is almost universally true. Almost. (From The USA Today) “If weapons are used they need to be replaced,” says McMillan. “That makes war a growth story for these stocks, and one...

The Pentagon Budget as Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers

One of the recurring themes of this website over the years has been the free ride too many “conservatives” give to the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex. The military is big big government and it goes far beyond “defense”...

Pentagon starting first-ever financial audit

This audit is headed by Grover Norquist’s brother. So there is a glimmer, a sliver, of hope that some good might actually be done here. We’ll see. Talk about a colossal undertaking. (From The Hill) Department of Defense...