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A Case Study in Crony Capitalism

Billion dollar deals, a powerful investment bank, government officials, bribery, money laundering, extraditions, implausible denials of wrongdoing by top executives – what else could you ask for in a story about crony capitalism?

This SOTU, Trump can move to drain the swamp for good

This piece is written by a friend, James Strock, former Secretary for Environmental Protection for California (the first), and the Founder of The Serve to Lead Group.  We don’t always agree with Mr. Strock (however we very often do), but...

Is Litecoin The Future of Cryptocurrency?

All of the larger cryptos have different selling points. Litecoin’s case is compelling. Assuming that you have gotten on the crypto train of course. By the way, the first Bitcoin futures contracts came online last night. To some degree...

“Economic Development” Is a Corporate Welfare Scheme

Beware the “public/private partnership. It’s just code for crony capitalism. (From Mises) The Beacon Center, a libertarian think tank based in Nashville, has released a new film highlighting and describing the impact of corporate welfare in Tennessee. Starring University of...