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Surveillance bill heads to Trump’s desk

Who needs a warrant in this country anyway? Oh, what’s that you say? The government needs one to look through our stuff? Ha. That is so pre-9-11. Don’t you know that we need the government to violate our constitutional...

Rand Paul holds up Trump nominee over NSA spying

Good. Pleased to see this. FISA is an area that needs much more sunlight. Much more. Lord knows we don’t need another Boeing guy running the surveillance state. (From Rare) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is reportedly holding up the nomination...

Edward Snowden: Surveillance Is About Power

It is and along the way people are getting very rich as the Surveillance State expands. (Lots and lots of government contracts for technology that keeps an eye on the citizenry.) Big Brother is here and has been here for...

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