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Obama is “relieved” to no longer be president: Josh Earnest

Yeah I’ll say it. We’re relieved you’re no longer president too, Mr. Obama. (Sorry, he teed it up.) (From The Washington Examiner) Former President Barack Obama is reportedly feeling “relieved” that he isn’t saddled with the “burden” of being commander...

Flashback: Obama Congratulated Putin on His 2012 Election

(From The National Review) Forgotten by some amid the controversy over President Trump’s congratulatory phone call to newly elected Russian president Vladimir Putin is that Barack Obama called the Kremlin to congratulate Putin on winning a third term in 2012....

Obama Campaign Hired Fusion GPS To Investigate Romney

So a FISA warrant was issued (in the Trump case) based upon a report from Fusion GPS which the court did not know (because they weren’t told, though the FBI knew) was funded by the Hillary Clinton camp? And Fusion...

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