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Obama is “relieved” to no longer be president: Josh Earnest

Yeah I’ll say it. We’re relieved you’re no longer president too, Mr. Obama. (Sorry, he teed it up.) (From The Washington Examiner) Former President Barack Obama is reportedly feeling “relieved” that he isn’t saddled with the “burden” of being commander...

Republicans propose billions in new Obamacare funding

Times change in weird ways – always. Funny, this is a major departure, and a big concession -officially – for the Republicans but the Dems still don’t like the bill because it won’t fund abortions. Concerned about the influence of...

Trump officials tell Idaho it can’t dump Obamacare

(From Politico) The Trump administration today threw cold water on Idaho’s plan to ignore key Obamacare requirements, telling the red state that it must follow the health care law. Idaho was moving to let insurers offer plans that don’t meet...

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