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Tag: political correctness
The Fragile Generation

Conditions for these kids have to be just right. Not too much sun. Not too much cold. Not too many microagressions. Hothouse flowers need a hothouse to survive. But the world isn’t a hothouse. Read more…

Prof: Algebra, geometry perpetuate white privilege

Funny, these things belong to all peoples, all humanity. It’s math. And by the way Algebra specifically was developed to a very large extent in the Arab and Persian worlds. So is this professor being outwardly anti-Arab? Read more…

Multiple arrested after fight inside Berkeley’s ‘empathy tent’

Image: Berkeley Police “Um…Well you are making me uncomfortable by asserting that my Dishiki is cultural appropriation.” “Well, I heard you refer to “First People’s Day” as Columbus Day sophomore year. I’ve been uncomfortable with you ever since.” Oh yeah?...

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