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Flashback: Obama Congratulated Putin on His 2012 Election

(From The National Review) Forgotten by some amid the controversy over President Trump’s congratulatory phone call to newly elected Russian president Vladimir Putin is that Barack Obama called the Kremlin to congratulate Putin on winning a third term in 2012....

Leaked: Secret Documents From Russia’s Election Trolls

This is an interesting report from The Daily Beast. Pretty much nothing in the report surprises us, but it is very interesting that the “Russian trolls” (according to this article) were chiefly interested in sowing discord generally. Much of...

Mueller indicts 13 Russians for election meddling

We just read the indictment. It basically says that there were Russian trolls operating in the USA. This we know. From what I see it doesn’t look like the effort was particularly influential. Perhaps there is more to the...

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