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Who Do the Fed Policies Really Help?

Despite what anyone at the Fed claims publicly, propping the stock market up with artificial liquidity and coming to the rescue in every perceived economic crisis mainly helps the richest of the rich and only widens the inequality of wealth.

How Will Today’s Crony Debt Bubble End Up?

People’s QE? We doubt it, unless the cronies figure out how to profit hugely from it. Printing new money to bail out state pension funds and other government debts is more likely.

Light that match: Yellen suggests radical new Fed policies

Yellen says the Fed is not “ actively considering” any of the radical and destructive ideas she outlines in her speech, but if not why is she mentioning them? These ideas include:  printing money to buy assets including stocks, targeting...

Get ready to be showered by helicopter money

You’ve been warned for the better part of a decade that it was coming. Now get ready. Manna from heaven. (Well not from heaven.) Free money. It’ll be like that movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” only instead of...

Global wealth shrinks for the first time since Lehman

This speaks to the “financialization” of the modern economy we referenced in a post yesterday. In a fiat currency world the banks truly, and almost totally run the show. The central banks particularly. And the American Federal Reserve most of...