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QE Is Not Money Printing, It Is Betrayal

I don’t agree with every single point made, but the attached is a very interesting essay. The core point is dead on. “Quantitative easing” is a trick. It is fundamentally about deception. And people want to be deceived especially considering...

Dishonesty and Candor in Monetary Policy

In the July 26, 2013 edition of the Bank Credit Analyst,  editor Jim Grant notes that when Ben Bernanke was beginning the second round of “quantitative easing,”  he described it in February 2011 Congressional testimony as equivalent to an interest...

Bernanke’s Cures Are the Economy’s Disease

So the Fed is going to “taper” away the quantitative easing, the printing of money, in which it is currently engaged. Bernanke (or Larry Summers—shudder) will one day allow interest rates to rise back to normal levels. Don’t worry, the...

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