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Is a Phase Two of Tax Cuts Coming? (Oh, we hope so)

Of course the guys in Washington need to actually cut spending, cut government, when they cut taxes too. They aren’t so keen on that, and that is a big problem. (From TownHall) President Trump on Monday said he was hoping...

Dear California: Call Me When the Commies Leave

California is a lovely place in many respects. Outside of the choked urban centers it can be very nice indeed. As I’ve said before, some of my earliest memories are of running through the ice plants and eucalyptus trees...

Italy Faces Political Paralysis After Populist Jolt

(From The Wall Street Journal) With 98% of votes counted early Monday, the antiestablishment 5 Star Movement was projected to win 32% of the vote—exceeding expectations and emerging as Italy’s largest party. The 5 Star Movement, which has won a...

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