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Using Taxes to Stifle Government Criticism

African countries already facing extensive online surveillance, internet and website shutdowns, and detention of online critics can now add taxes to the list of tools used by government to silence criticism and freedom of expression.

Government Shutdown Has Beer Brewer over a Barrel

Before beer can be sold outside the state it’s made in, the label must be approved by the federal government. But approvals aren’t being given because evidently the government’s “Beer Label Approver” must be furloughed due to the government shutdown.

Legalized Pot Sales a Bust in California

Black market pot dealers in California can thank legislators for helping them to stay in business by over-taxing and over-regulating the legalized marijuana market.

It’s Time for Trump to Kill the Regulatory Swamp Monsters

Government is the key component in crony capitalism. One can not have crony capitalism without it. As such, in a highly crony economy like ours, regulators themselves often become cronies. Indeed much of the federal workforce is pretty much...