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Government Shutdown Has Beer Brewer over a Barrel

Before beer can be sold outside the state it’s made in, the label must be approved by the federal government. But approvals aren’t being given because evidently the government’s “Beer Label Approver” must be furloughed due to the government shutdown.

Small businesses losing out in subsidy game: Survey

The game in the United States is absolutely rigged toward big business. We have a crony economic system which benefits the connected and the established at the expense of new ideas and growth. If you’re in the club, we’ve got...

The entrepreneur, a vanishing species?

It’s hard to start a business. It takes skill, capital, tolerance of risk, and just good old hard work. Layer the red tape on top of all the things a business owner must contend with in the marketplace these days...

Obamacare Hits Small Business Hard in 2015

Small business is only the heart and soul of this country. No big deal. It’s not like it’s hard to make a small business work even without entangling government red tape and expensive mandates from DC made by bureaucrats who...