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Soros Profited Off Major Tech Companies He Now Attacks

This is standard stuff for Soros. He criticizes oil and gun companies and still invests in them too. I doubt he’d be so critical had Clinton (he sponsored Clinton) won. (From The Washington Free Beacon) The sudden Soros pivot...

Davos is Crony Capitalism on Steriods

Ah Davos. The smell of snow, helicopter fuel, money, and power. If one wants to do crony business, this is the place to do it. (From The American Conservative) Let’s face it: a clustering of brilliant minds with practically...

Donors of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Group Revealed

Say what you want about Trump but it was his voters, for good and/or ill who actually were the “resistance.” The present day “resistance” folks are really counter-resistance. The status quo. They are carrying the water for people like George...

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