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Is it time to get rid of Paul Ryan as Speaker?

This is one of the best pictures ever. Probably. But one of the names floated in the Washpo story attached is Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum. Ole’ Rick is no conservative and he would be even worse news than Paul Ryan....

Cancer and Cronyism in the New York State Assembly

The Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver was recently arrested on corruption charges. Millions of dollars in bribes may have found their way to the politician. Given that the Manhattan Democrat was the most powerful person in...

Flood of anti-Boehner calls rattles leadership

Well Boehner won, but he knows there’s an asterisk next to his victory. It seems that those of us in the hinterlands have put the big guy on notice. Word is he’s unnerved by all the grass roots disaffection. Good,...

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