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Labor Unions Losing Their Grip on Workers

Labor unions maybe be losing more members, and perhaps more importantly dues, thanks to a worker in Minnesota who won a suit to leave the union and quit paying dues immediately, instead of during a union enforced “contract window.”

Is Kavanaugh bad on the 4th Amendment? Looks like it.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes we have made in this country, ever, was empowering the federal government in the panic post September 11th 2001. In the fear many just gave away their liberty. We got the Patriot Act and...

Dems attack, but know they don’t have the votes on Kavanaugh

This is all Obamacare karma dontcha know. The political wheel keeps turning though. (From The Hill) The Hill tracked down three Democratic senators who are seeking reelection in November in states Trump carried in 2016 – Sens. Claire McCaskill (Mo.),...