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The Hidden Costs of Tariffs

Not only have tariffs been an added tax placed on U.S. companies that import goods from China, the government has been paying the tax collected, and more, to American farmers as partial compensation for their losses from Chinese tariff...

Trade War Hurts All Types and Sizes of Businesses

The economic damage that tariffs and trade wars have on large corporations is what receives the most media coverage, but they also have a devastating impact on sales, hiring, equipment purchases and suppliers for small, local businesses as well.

Can Tesla Survive Plunging Sales in China?

Will Tesla come to the government with their hand out (again) after tariffs, lowered demand and locally subsidized competition led to a 70% drop in Tesla sales in China, the world’s largest electric car market.

Pork Story Has More Twists Than a Pig’s Tail

The government created a $1.2 billion bailout program to buy farm products from farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs imposed by China – then uses some of the money to buy products from Chinese companies.

Tariffs Hit Those Trump Wants to Help: U.S. Factories

Tariffs are taxes. They are almost always tools of crony capitalism as we’ve said before. They tend to warp the economy generally in the effort to help specific constituencies. As such tariffs often create disruptive unintended consequences that can then...