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Cut, Don’t Reform, Taxes

By Ron Paul Many Americans who have wrestled with a 1040 form, or who have paid someone to prepare their taxes, no doubt cheered the news that Congress will soon resume working on tax reform. However taxpayers should temper their...

A president who is truly out of touch: With the economy declining – possible worldwide recession, Obama wants huge new taxes on fuel

We like “green” energy. The water in my childhood home in the 80s was heated by solar panels. We like wind, and the rest. But we like it within the market. Green energy can exist within the market despite what...

George Will on Tax Day: Americans ‘should feel ashamed,’ not sorry for themselves (VIDEO)

I can’t argue with Will on this. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We have allowed profligate spending. We borrow to pay our current bills. We elect people who year after year expand government and who pass laws which reduce...

How much is Obamacare REALLY going to raise your premiums? (in most states, quite a lot) Part 2: The raw study by the Society of Actuaries

It is interesting to me how wedded some people are to the idea that Obamacare is not a crony capitalist disaster. I understand why. It is the president’s signature piece of legislation. It has long been the dream of many...

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