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Crony Capitalism Thriving in Great Britain

The British government awarded a £13.8m contract to a ferry company with no ships, no history of supplying ships, and terms and conditions borrowed from a takeaway website.

British Brexit bill becomes law

(From The Hill) The speaker of Britain’s House of Commons on Tuesday announced that legislation allowing the country to leave the European Union (EU) has become law. Speaker John Bercow said that the EU Withdrawl Bill received royal assent from Queen...

UK Proposes Prison Time For Offensive Online Posts

What in the world has happened to Britain? This isn’t about fighting “racism” or whatever. This is about controlling people who won’t fall in line. Indeed, first they take your guns. Then they take your speech. Then they take…well you...

This is how it feels to face a major cyber attack

There is a reason why “cyber” is considered a kind of battlefield these days by the military. Air, land, sea, space, and cyber. (From ZDNet) Intense, stressful, petrifying: those are just some of the words used to describe what it...