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Amazon Went Fishing and Virginia Took the Bait

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s signing over of as much as $750 million in taxpayer subsidies to Amazon is a reminder of how terrible politicians can be even when going about the normal business of policy-making.

Amazon Isn’t Paying Its Electric Bills. You Might Be

This neighborhood is an enclave that has survived since the Civil War. It is surrounded by suburbia of the Northern Virginia variety, and developers, politicians, and others have long licked their chops. It is also adjacent to the Manassas Battlefield....

The non-citizen voter fraud disaster

I have to tell you, the election is rolling up on us pretty quickly and I’d say we’ve got a real voter fraud problem on our hands. One that could undermine the very legitimacy of the system. We’ve seen bits...

Pipeline Brings a Property Rights Fight to Virginia

This fight is almost literally right in my back yard. Just down the road a couple of miles or so the “no pipeline” signs start popping up. Is private property private or not? Just because a company is big and...