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Trump, Kim handshake, talk of peace sinks U.S. defense stocks

Peace is great for business. War is terrible for business. This is almost universally true. Almost. (From The USA Today) “If weapons are used they need to be replaced,” says McMillan. “That makes war a growth story for these stocks, and one...

The Strategic Importance of the Golan Heights (VIDEOS)

Any editorializations within these videos are of the video creators and not necessarily our opinions. But these videos do offer excellent perspective on the strategic importance of this tiny corner of the world that has again come to the fore.

Koreas expected to announce end of 68-year war

North Korea. (Dark). South Korea lit up like a Christmas tree Let us all hope that this happens. Pyeonghwa. (From The New York Post) North and South Korea are discussing plans to make a stunning announcement at their leaders...

This is how it feels to face a major cyber attack

There is a reason why “cyber” is considered a kind of battlefield these days by the military. Air, land, sea, space, and cyber. (From ZDNet) Intense, stressful, petrifying: those are just some of the words used to describe what it...

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