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Crony Socialism: Yuri Maltzev (VIDEO)

Crony capitalism in many respects is a form of socialism actually. “Crony capitalism” is a nice way of saying “fascism” or “fascism-lite”. Fascism, despite the wailing of many a newly minted “socialist” is socialism. The Nazis for instance did not...

Cindy McCain Set to Succeed Husband in Senate

And the world just keeps getting dumber. Why should someone from another family take the Senate seat when we can have the wife of McCain take over? That makes sense. I love it when political big shots pull this play....

John Brennan’s Plot to Infiltrate the Trump Campaign

“Or was this another case of Obama leading from behind — behind a CIA director briefing him daily on “Russian interference” while running an anti-Trump spy ring out of Langley.” This is is a remarkable report from The American...

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